At spotlight MGT & Consultancy we offers you a set of tailored services in order to help you to reach your goal.


A&R stands for artist and repertoire but has now come to mean everything that is involved in making a record, from a simple suggestion of a producer, to the entire re-working of a song. Good albums are made by brutally honest and A&R. Guidance when needed great songs and unforgettable lyrics sometimes need a hand from people who have done it before.


Spotlight consults for a few distributors which means once your music is at a standard, it’s digital distribution can be arranged worldwide or territory by territory. If you have a following, advice on connecting your audience via your social media accounts is at hand.


if you are going to put a record together in another country/market. You may have a hit in your own territory, but that doesn’t always mean that it will translate to success in your attempt to break into these markets, It could be as simple as a different mix or a remix or as much as re-recording your entire record from the scratch (we have had to advise that before!)


You may have the artist, but you may well need a reliable tour manager to sort out all the logistics from transportation to sound system for the showcase, knowing that you are about to spend a lot of money on.


From beginning to end, if you aren’t familiar with the process and are about to spend, WAIT! You may well need advice on your project that could save you spending before you have to. Projects in music can cost a LOT of money. At an early stage spotlight Project Coordination has and can save you just like A LOT of other present and former clients money.


Ahhh the lost art of… an executive producer is a person who isn’t necessarily in the studio finding new plug-ins, but is essential to the making of a record. See Clive Davis/Ahmet Ertegun/Geffen/etc. Many hate the term but that’s because they don’t know what it means. Believe me if you have done it correctly you will take the credit where its due!


We align acts with Clothing brands Music tech brands, films and sometimes well known instrument manufacturers who just want great artists attached to their product. music attached to anything helps sell that item and sell the music.


It’s a new area, but still an easy way to spread the word about your music – ask us about it today. Innovation and ideas all help spread the message about your music.


We take our time in listening to the clients past and present content and design along with producers a suitable musical direction for the artiste that suits sound of the day..

Web & Social Media

We will do an in-depth analysis of your current website, we will verify the quality of your content, the site speed, the structure, but also the social media strategy in place and how we can improve your visibility effectively.