About Us

We are SPOTLIGHT Management & Consultancy, a Media consultancy, Talent management and digital marketing outfit with over 20 years’ experience creating multi-channel strategies to help SMEs, corporations and creatives across the world gain more visibility, increase engagement and digital footprint. We are seasoned Media and Music business educators, talent managers, AnR executives, Promoters, Booking agents, Content aggregators, Tour and Media consultants that focus on creating tailor made strategies for our clients. They range from Artists, Record labels and small and large corporate organizations.
We work closely with the clients to identify and access strengths and weaknesses and to help them take advantage of opportunities hence helping them achieve their goals within their spheres and beyond.
We are very well positioned and primed with our understanding of the Nigeria/African market and business terrain, UK market and US.

Our Process



Evaluation/Assessment Here we look at the brand in regards to where you are and what can be done, and also way your ability vis-à-vis your ...

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning We wish to grow with the brand and we are dedicated to maximizing the full potential of the brand and content. the content ...

Execution and Implementation

Execution and Implementation We help create KPIs in a set period of time for which we work our way back to view the growth and ...