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  • February 18, 2019
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The Ultimate 1 Day Music & Business Academy !!!

Master Your Singing & Performance*
– Perfecting Your Gift to the World*
– So You Want To Become An ICON*
– The Blueprint of Your Creative Masterpiece*
– Music Your Addiction,Then Hook The World*

*Launch Your Music Career*
– Imagine Your Dream Team*
– Conquering Mount Everest*
– Instant Gratification v Long Term Success*
– How To Creatively Communicate & Communicate Creatively*

*Perfect Your Social Media Strategy & Digital Content*
– Why You Must Offer Value
– How To Be ICONIC*
– How to Satisfy the Insatiable Appetite for Content*
– Thought Leader v Content Creator*
– Digital Footprint v Social Impression*

*Build & Manage Your Brand*
– Identify What Your Brand Represents*
– Connect With Your Cause, Communicate With Your Community*
– The Power in Your Guilty Pleasures*

*Monetize Your Music, Brand & Beats*
– Turn Musical Notes Into ┬úPound Notes*
– Finding The Money Trail*
– Identify & Perfect Your Percieved Value*
– Developing Your Revenue Portfolio*
– Make Money While You Sleep*

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