Music Artist EPK 2020
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  • March 28, 2020
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It is a general misconception that all you need do to so as an artist is wing it, have one or 2 hits, be a nuisance online, perform in shows and with a lot of luck on yours side you would one of the most talked about in the industry. Not denying the possibility of this, there are however a lot of underground work, background knowledge and essentialities needed for sustainability and to attract the right type of partners and get a more professional career one of which is an ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT.

An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a document containing the essential details of an artist, who they are? What kind of music they make? What makes them unique? Their discography, awards, nominations, social media handles, essentially every single detail of the artist life and career that is relevant to their artistry. It is the Curriculum Vitae for an artist.

It is essential because it serves as a promotional material that provides the important information of an artist to media partners, management companies and every other person in the ecosystem that can invest in the artist career. Also, it positions the artist as a business oriented person that is ready to do the work. Imagine a job seeker walking up to a partner at a firm for a job but clueless about what a CV is or doesn’t have a CV when demanded for, that is how an artist without an EPK looks like.

Although, there are different format in which an EPK can be created, there are samples, formats online but there are certain things that must be in an EPK. These are;

  • First is the artist BIOGRAPHY, which includes detailed but short summary on their personal and career life, real name, date of birth, what type of music they do , record label , management company, the songs they’ve featured in  and so on.
  • The artist EARLY LIFE AND CAREER BEGININGS should also be included.
  • CAREER and SUCCESS STORIES; in these segments it is important to talk more about yourself in a way that makes anyone that comes in contact with the EPK is interested in not just your music but also yourself.

  • Furthermore, an EPK should contain the artist DISCOGRAPHY. A discography is every music an artist as released, both singles, album, it is also important to mention if an artist is also a songwriter, producer, if they have mixing and mastering credits, these should be stated in a separate slide and accompanied with the artist and songs they’ve provided these services for/on.
  • It is essential to state the artist SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES with the amount of followers they have, DIGITAL PLATFORMS their songs are on, the artist website or fan email account.

  •  The UNIQUE SELLING POINT of an artist must also be included is, this should not be generic.

It is important to note than the EPK should be nicely written, designed and properly arranged. You want to sell yourself in the best way possible but you don’t want to lie and add unnecessary details that are not essential to your musical career. Yes you have 3 baby mamas but is that important to the investor?

Conclusively, it is not compulsory that this is written by you if you are not great at stuff like this, it can be outsourced. You sure do not want a shabby one as it doesn’t just speak for you when you are not there but should set you apart from the other artiste.

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